Publir turns dozens of ad exchange tags into simplicity itself: a single tag optimized for speed, quality, and market-best prices.

Publir clients earn more.

By establishing a proprietary marketplace, our clients effortlessly enjoy access to all major programmatic ad demand channels. Publir works seamlessly with your existing ad serving system to integrate directly sold campaigns and your house campaigns. Then the Publir platform ensures that the most lucrative ads are shown on every page load. Loss is controlled to ensure that every page load results in successfully delivered ads. And our clients achieve a degree of insulation from cyclical and secular fluctuations in the ad markets not possible when working with just one ad exchange or network.



Publishers are frequently unaware that, before a remnant ad reaches their readers, it passes through nearly a dozen interstitial layers. Agencies, media buying platforms, creative optimization firms, analytics, DSPs, data optimization, verification, ad exchanges, DMPs, and others. Each middleman.



Finally, our clients are free to focus on what they know best—selling bespoke campaigns to direct advertisers. Publir takes care of the rest.



Because the ad markets are just as frenetic as the stock market, our clients always have someone to call to check on performance, discuss strategies for optimizing revenue further, or simply to see what’s going on with CPMs.

We adapt by the minute.

Like the stock market, the ad market is fast-moving. But unlike stocks, ad pricing is frequently opaque. Spreads—the difference between what the advertiser paid and what the publication receives—are wide. Publir works to narrow this gap. When CPMs on a particular network drop, that network’s access to our clients’ inventory is throttled down. Over time, we generally deliver notable page RPM improvement to our clients.

Publir also senses and prevents loss, which is when a web page is served but an ad fails to display. Instead of a long “daisy-chain” of networks, which requires an impression to ping back and forth between dozens of servers—the likelihood of loss growing exponentially each time—Publir anticipates both the CPM and the fill rate for each network and locates the optimal ad as rapidly as possible.

No more massive dislocations between the number of impressions that you recorded and those recorded by the ad networks. Our serving platform sits on edge servers located throughout the world, and because our proprietary delivery requires no code to be executed in order to serve an ad, we cut loss well below what most traditional ad serving platforms can promise. And if there are discrepancies with ad networks, we deal with them.



We implement best practices.

We are publishers ourselves. We love good writing. We know the thrill of seeing a piece take off. Publir provides deep editorial and technology consulting services to our clients. Everything from ad placement and site structure to advice on emergent technologies and key introductions to Silicon Valley leaders. Because we’ve built large-scale news websites from the ground up, we know what works—and our clients enjoy the benefits of our perspective.